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Money talks (digital animation/loop) 0:54 minutes
La vie en rose (videotape-project FD > FD) color, sound, 3:09 minutes
12 views from a secret
(digital video) color, sound, 4:24 minutes
Scratching the surface
2006-13 (videotape) color, sound, 18:40 minutes
One step away from the heart (videotape-project FD > FD) color, sound, 3;11 minutes
Utopia posible 2006-13
(video-project utopia posible) color, sound, 43:50 minutes
Danza ritual de el fuego
videotape-project FD > FD) color, sound, 3:45 minutes           
In between (videotape) color, sound, 1:17 minutes
Your face in Copenhaguen
(videotape-project FD > FD) color, sound, 5:05 minutes
It what it is, In conversation with Tony Labat (documentation) color, sound, 18: 35 minutes           
Next time it rains 1999-2010 (video- project Utopia posible) color, sound, 24:48 minutes
As time goes by
(videotape-project FD > FD) color, sound, 3:31 minutes
Taking chances I & II (25 & 27 channel video, monitors) Tom Bradley, LAX Airport
At the academy of science, (videotape) color, 9:25 minutes
Welcome to the other side
(videotape) color, sound, 4:32 minutes
Scene “I am Cuba” (4 channel video) color, sound,8:18 minutes           
I got to make a video about an inflatable heart
(documentation) color, sound, 15:52 minutes          
The snow is beautiful
(videotape) color, sound, 7:37 minutes
Invitación (documentation-project Utopia posible) color, 9:26 minutes                        
Big surf
(1 channel video projection/loop) color, sound
Caution (mixed media installation, I channel-monitor) color, sound, 4:30 minutes
Apprehension (1 channel video projection/ loop) color, 4:00 minutes
Unwind (videotape) color, sound, 0:45 minutes
Red paint (videotape)color, sound, 3:02 minutes
Whip in (videotape) color, sound, 6:02 minutes            
Cut piece- a remake
(documentation) color, sound, 9:30 minutes
Dialogue with a foghorn (mixed media installation, I channel video projection, 1 channel video monitor)
Making a road
(videotape) color, sound, 0:50 minutes
Blowing things away
(videotape) color, sound, 3:05 minutes 
Breaking a window (videotape) color, sound, 0:30 minutes
Killing my thirst (videotape) color, sound, 2:40 minutes
On the ball
(videotape) color, sound, 2:35 minutes
Time on my hand (single channel/loop) color, sound, 2:13 minutes
Installing a filing cabinet (videotape) color, sound, 4:55 min
Dialogue with a foghorn (videotape) color, sound, 1:40 min
Deicing (videotape) color, sound, 5:55 minutes
Following an orange (videotape) color, sound, 1:14 minutes