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Felipe Dulzaides & Robin Rhode
by Glen Helfand

This double bill presents two artists with wandering international spirits and playful, perfomative approaches to complicated issues. Both Felipe Dulzaides and Robin Rhodes use still and moving images to tell stories about familiar contemporary condition, rootlessness. Cuban-born Dulzaides works from a nomadic sensibility, filtering the psychic tones of a range of locations through a wry lens. In a dual-slide projection piece, Bust Bustling 2002-2004, he randomly juxtaposes photographs of public sculptures in American, European, Cuban locales, creating absurdist monuments to visual imbalance. His summery new video installation Big surf, 2004, shot at a wave pool in a water park in a landlocked Phoenix, finds boogie-boarders of various ethnicities attempting to subvert the laws of nature. The scenes are projected through a toppled sculpture of a lifeguard tower ( a form that also evokes a prison guard’s perch). Rhode, a South African who currently resides in Berlin, presents two photo sequences along with a video protection, made in residency at the Walker Art Center, in which he playfully tinkers with notions of time, performance art, and the hefty influence of Agnes Martin, using just brick wall and a can of foaming glass cleaner. Like Dulzaides he undermines expectations of the ordinary, adding layers of levity and social conscience that feel particularly welcome at the moment.

Art Forum, Critic’s picks
San Francisco

Glen Helfand is an independent writer, critic, curator, and educator. His writing appears regularly in Artforum and at, and he’s contributed to the San Francisco Bay Guardian,, and many other periodicals and exhibition catalogs.