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In 1999 in San Francisco I followed an orange running down a street. To my surprise, the orange arrived at a busy traffic intersection and managed to cross it without getting run over by the passing cars. The unplanned incident completed the video work.

A month later I videotaped a second defining event: the interaction of my family and neighbors in Havana with a melting piece of ice. The “deicing” took place at my own goodbye party during my first return visit to Cuba. From that moment on, my work addressed what seemed an irreconcilable split from multiple angles.

Felipe Dulzaides (2015)

Mixing performance art with video, photography, sculpture and installation, Dulzaides’ process-oriented works explore subject matters like: circularity, chance, absurdity, dislocation, relocation, crossovers along with the relationship between architecture and public space to memory and ideology.

His exhibition record includes solo shows, international exhibitions and biennials like the Gwangju Biennial, the California Biennial, and the 10th and 12th Havana Biennial. He is a recipient of the Cintas Fellowship, the Creative Work Fund and Art Matters grants among others. He received the Rome Prize in 2010.

He was born in Havana into a family of musicians and poets. San Francisco and Havana are two important points of references for his work.